Women's Hairstyles: Pixie Perfect

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Women's Hairstyles: Pixie Perfect

For those of us lucky enough to be able to wear our hair short, the pixie cut is an excellent women's hairstyle for showing off both the face and your bold sense of style. For a modern version of this cropped style have your stylist keep the layers on the top of your head on the long side (three to four inches) and the sides cut to the bottom of the ear. The back of your hair should be tapered into the nape of your neck, though you can make the style work by either going super short at the bottom or leaving just enough to give it a tousled look down there. Bangs should basically blend with the top and sides in length—don't make them obviously shorter.

Styling this women's hairstyle is a snap. Use either a light volumizing spray for fine hair or a styling cream if your hair is on the thicker side. Use a vent brush to smooth and place the hair in the direction you want. Finish up with a hair putty to separate and define pieces throughout the style.

Sienna Miller's hairstyle is a nod towards this fashion forward women's hairstyle.



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