African American Hairstyles: Avoid Itching Scalps from Braids

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African American Hairstyles: Avoid Itching Scalps from Braids

One of the most low maintenance African American hairstyles is to have the hair put in braids either at the front and sides of the hair or throughout the entire head. But having the hair braided so tightly to the scalp can cause problems.

One of the problems associated with these African American hairstyles are that too much stress on the hair from these tight braids can cause the hair to begin falling out. The best way to counteract this problem is to go to a professional salon that specializes in braiding African American hairstyles. Know someone who has awesome braids? Ask them where they get their hair done and if they're happy with the service and results.

So you've got the perfect braids you wanted but now your scalp is itching. This is not uncommon with braided African American hairstyles but there are products on the market to combat this side effect. Try a product such as Better Braids medicated spray. This spray will relieve itching, condition the hair and scalp as well as help remove dandruff flakes if necessary.



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