African American Hairstyles: Caring for Hair Extensions

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African American Hairstyles: Caring for Hair Extensions

Hair extensions can make even the limpest of African American hairstyles full of body and length but they do require specific care to keep them looking their best. Here are some tips on caring for different types of hair extensions.

All human hair extensions used in African American hairstyles should be washed with lukewarm water and a mild, non-conditioning shampoo. Try and wash your hair while in an upright position, like in the shower, and gently run your fingers through your hair. Remove all excess water carefully.

For curly, wavy and corkscrew versions of African American hairstyles with braids it's recommended to spray hair lightly with braid sheen. For curly and wavy types comb with a wide toothed comb and let dry naturally. Corkscrew styles should be separated with your fingers and allowed to air dry.



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