Black Hairstyles: Tyra Banks' Model Perfect Hair

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Black Hairstyles: Tyra Banks' Model Perfect Hair

For those wanting a black hairstyle that blends the perfect cut with the perfect color then Tyra Banks is a great example. Get the cut by asking your stylist for hair that sits just at or past the shoulders in length. Next multiple layers are introduced via a razor cut. Layers start around chin length and add lots of body and movement. The addition of a sexy, light auburn hair color will make this great cut out of this world.

When styling you will want to accentuate those amazing layers so add a texturizing cream and blow drying with a large round brush. Be sure to give those layer's ends a little bend to make them stand out more. Enlist the help of a little hair pomade with shine enhancers to give extra definition to the layers of this black hairstyle.



2/5/2007 10:37:32 AM
Penny said:

A photo of this example would be very useful.

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Elle said:

I agree. A photo would have added to this useful article.


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