Black Hairstyles: Toni Braxton's Hairstyle

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Black Hairstyles: Toni Braxton's Hairstyle

Toni Braxton's black hairstyle benefits from lots of layering that allows her to flip the ends for a playful style. Slightly longer than shoulder length hair has multiple layers carved into it via a razor cut. The bangs are left longer and swept to the sides to frame the face but not hide it. The addition of a rich red hair color brightens Toni's face and allows the layers to appear more defined.

Use a volumizing spray on damp hair, concentrating application on the roots of the hair. Start blow drying this black hairstyle from the bottom up, pinning up the top sections to get them out of your way. Using a medium sized round brush, style by placing the round brush on top of the section you are drying and blow drying hair from underneath. Pay careful attention to the ends making sure to flip them upwards when drying. Repeat for all sections until you come to the very top. In this section you'll want to concentrate on getting lift at the roots by holding the hair sections you're drying up and come at them from underneath with the blow dryer.

To finish off this black hairstyle use a medium sized curling iron and bend the last inch of a few layers throughout the hair to accentuate the flicking effect. Use a light misting of finishing spray to set and then mist with a spray on hair glosser to allow all those fabulous layers to catch the light.



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