Black Hairstyles: The Razor Cut Bob

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Black Hairstyles: The Razor Cut Bob

Black hairstyles can be low on maintenance and look ultra stylish by taking an ordinary bob hairstyle and making the ends wispy. To achieve Chante Moore's version of this style have your stylist cut your hair into a bob that's just above the shoulders. Next layers are added to the last three inches or so of the style with dramatic razor cutting that leaves the ends very wispy. The hair length is also shortened somewhat in the front to create a subtle step effect. The bang area is left long with the hair chin length and swept to the sides when styling.

Use a styling cream on damp hair to create this black hairstyle and enlist the help of a large vent brush to blow dry the top layers. Use a side part and make sure to concentrate the blow dryer on the roots of the hair to get lift. When moving down to style the bottom of the hair switch to a small round brush and bend the ends up, styling from underneath the sections of hair to encourage a flip effect. A styling wax applied sparingly to the ends will help define the flips at the bottom.



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