Black Hairstyles: A Style with Attitude

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Black Hairstyles: A Style with Attitude

If standing out in a crowd is your thing then Lisa Raye's dramatically two toned black hairstyle is the style to wear.

To achieve this black hairstyle you'll need a cut that that is shoulder length with a lot of razor cut layers from the chin down. You'll also need to add high contrast highlights on much darker hair to get this radical effect. Lisa's style sports a dark brown base with many chunky wheat colored highlights all throughout the top layers only. Don't skimp on the color as it's this bold duo that really makes this style work.

To imitate this black hairstyle you'll need to apply a volumizing spray on damp hair and blow dry with a large round brush. Don't go for any volume on top. Keep your focus on getting body in the bottom portion of this black hairstyle by flipping out your layers as much as possible. Follow up with a large barreled curling iron to accentuate and lock in those flips.

The effect that really makes this black hairstyle stand out is a small pony tail placed on the very crown of the head to give a lion's mane effect. To achieve this, take a one inch by one inch section of hair right at the top crown area of the head and secure with an elastic to make a small pony tail. Next, take a very small section of that pony tail and wrap the entire length of that piece around the base of the pony tail to hide the elastic. Secure this piece of hair with a bobby pin through the base of the pony tail.

Lastly, give the hair in front of the pony tail a dramatic side part and smooth it flat against the head with hair pomade. Use the same pomade to separate pieces of the pony tail and fan it out to drape down over the back portion of the flattened hair. The effect should make the pony tail look like a mini fountain of blonde hair over dark hair. Radical but fun!



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