Prom Hairstyles: Emily Rossum's Upswept Curls

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Prom Hairstyles: Emily Rossum's Upswept Curls

Prom hairstyles that have loose curls piled atop the head can be very elegant without looking too structured. Emily Rossum's casual curls are a perfect example giving her style a soft, romantic look.

To achieve this prom hairstyle small sections of hair are misted with a volumizing spray and set in small to medium sized rollers. Letting hair dry completely, the roots are then backcombed with a bristle brush. The same brush is then used to gently smooth the hair back off the face in diagonal directions. The hair is then randomly secured to the head with the curled ends left out to sit atop the head.

Home or Salon Style- This prom hairstyle is best left to a professional.



5/21/2009 1:32:49 PM
trish said:

sounds pretty but I wish they had a picture to go along with it.


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