Prom Hairstyles: For Short Hair

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Prom Hairstyles: For Short Hair

Those with short hair need prom hairstyles too! So, if you have short tresses, don't fret because you can jazz up just about any length of hair for that special day.

If your hair length is similar to that of Halle Berry's cropped style why not imitate her wild style but with a little extra glitter.

Use a volumizing spray or spray gel on damp hair. Using a vent brush or small round brush, blow dry your hair. Make sure to concentrate on getting volume at the roots. Next, use a medium sized curling iron and use it to bend the first half inch to inch of the hair from the roots at the crown area of your head. You don't want curl right through to the end as this will look too dated and structured so leave the ends out of the curling iron all together.

The next step in your prom hairstyle is to use hair pomade or styling wax and separate the pieces of hair and place them where you want them. To add a little glitter you can take bobby pins with gems or pearls on the ends of them and place just a few randomly throughout your hair so that just the gem or pearl shows through the hair. Spray with hair spray to hold.

Home or Salon Style- This is definitely a style you can do yourself at home.



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n0t a bad tip but f0r s0me inspiration check 0ut celebrities such as p!nk f0r m0re 0riginal yet t0tally h0t ideas!


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