Homecoming Hairstyles- Ashlee Simpson's Soft Curls

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Homecoming Hairstyles- Ashlee Simpson's Soft Curls

If you're looking for homecoming hairstyles that don't require a lot of pins and complicated steps try Ashlee Simpson's easy ringlets.

This style is best on long, straight hair. If you have natural wave use a straightening balm on damp hair and blow dry straight. Use a flat iron on the hair if necessary as the smoother your hair is the better.

To style this homecoming hairstyle a hair gel or styling balm is applied to damp hair and the hair is blow dried with a low side part. Once hair is completely dry take medium sized sections and twist around a half inch barreled curling iron. Only curl the length that hangs below your chin as the upper portions of this homecoming hairstyle is left straight and fairly flat to the head.

Once all the length of your hair is curled take a styling wax and gently coat each ringlet by running your hands over them. Don't separate the curls too much. You want to have multiple medium sized spiral-like curls cascading down, not a bunch of little ones. Next add some of the styling balm to the top portion of you hair and make it lay flat against your head. Use two small barrettes to hold the deep side part in place; one is placed just above the opposite eye from the side your hair is parted on (this one will sweep bangs over if you have them) and the other is placed behind the ear on the opposite side to hold hair back off the face. Set with hair spray and a shining spray if necessary.

Home or Salon Style- This one can certainly be done at home by yourself.



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