Virtual Makeover

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Virtual Makeover

A virtual makeover can be an excellent first step when choosing a different hairstyle for you. These can be done either online or some salons offer this service to their clients via an in house computer program.

Online: Simply type in “virtual makeover” and take advantage of one of the websites that offer this online service. When using a virtual makeover tool try to find one that allows you to upload your own photo so that you can see exactly what the various hairstyles will look like on you and not some model.

At the Salon: If you do some phoning around you may be able to find a salon near you that offers this service. For a virtual makeover you'll make an appointment and, with your stylist, receive a high tech consultation in which your picture is uploaded into their computer software.

From their your picture will be able to “try on” various hairstyles to see if they compliment your face shape and what the final result will look like even before a single snip is taken.

These virtual makeovers can also change your hair color and let you see what a particular color will look like on you.



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