Short Hairstyles

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Short Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are at risk of becoming boring due to a lack of styling versatility but this can be combated with an out of this world hair color.

Reds are always a winner if you've got the skin coloring for them and nothing spices up short hairstyles like a bright cherry red hair color. If you don't think you're brave enough for a full blown red ask your stylist for something in an auburn shade which mixes red with brown for a rich warm tone.

If brunette is more to your liking try deepening your shade to a rich, warm chocolate brown or a deep walnut shade for those who look better in cooler shades. You can also play with brunettes by adding subtle highlights in a shade or two lighter around the face for added interest.

Blondes may have more fun but only if the shade is right. Avoid brassy, golden blondes and sick to the paler shades. To avoid looking washed out have your stylist add depth either on top or just underneath the fringe with a slightly darker shade.



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