Kristin Cavalleri: Sleek and Smooth for Summer

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What is the haircut style of Krisitn Cavallari in the first season of Laguna Beach?

Kristin Cavalleri: Sleek and Smooth for Summer

If you're looking for easy but stylish hair this summer try a version of Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle. This Laguna Beach-worthy hairstyle is best suited for naturally straight hair but can be achieved on wavy hair with a little bit of help from the proper hair products.

The cut for Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle is a shoulder length bob with heavy layering in the last two inches of length via a razor cut. These layers will give movement to the hairstyle and allow for a slight flipping of the ends of the hair. The bang section is left long, at least nose length, and swept to the side.

To style Kristin Cavalleri's hairstyle use a texturizing hair crème or, if you have wavy hair, a straightening balm. Apply the hair product to damp hair, give your hair a deep side part, and blow dry with a large paddle brush. You don't want a lot of volume in this hairstyle, so use the brush to get a little lift at the roots but keep the rest of the hair straight and sleek.

Be sure to sweep the long bang section across your forehead, blending the ends of the bang in with the rest of your hair. When it comes to the layered ends, give them a slight bend with your paddle brush to gently flip the ends. Once your hairstyle is dry, take a small amount of hairstyling wax and apply it to the bang area to help it stay swept to the side. Finish off with a light misting of hairspray.



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