Perfect Curls: Beyonce and Maggie Grace's Hairstyles

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Perfect Curls: Beyonce and Maggie Grace's Hairstyles

With curls making such a huge comeback these days many are looking to get those sought after perfect curls. Red carpet curls such as Beyonce's hairstyle can be yours if you learn how to tame your naturally curly hair. For those with straight hair, like Maggie Grace's hairstyle, the perfect curl is all in the products and tools you use.

Beyonce's hairstyle uses her natural curl to its advantage while taming down the frizz associated with naturally curly hair. On damp hair use an anti-frizz styling product, such as a gel with silicone added to it, to give the curl hold while taming frizz. Blow dry hair on a low setting using a diffuser to set curls. Don't dry hair completely. Instead, leave the hair slightly damp as over drying curly hair promotes fly away hair and frizz. Try to keep volume to the ends of the hair and not the top, which will make your style look too round. Finish off by coating your hands with a frizz reducing product and gently finger combing your curls to coat them and keep them looking shiny and sleek.

If your hair is straight, try mimicking Maggie Grace's hairstyle by keeping ringlets defined and controlled. Use a volumizing styling spray on damp hair and blow dry hair with a large paddle brush. Next give the hair a side part and curl one inch sections of your hair with a medium barreled curling iron. Only curl up to the temples, leaving the top portion of the hair straight for that sexy 1940's look. When all your hair has been curled, gently coat spirals with a shine enhancer that will make them glossy and cut down on frizz. Spray with a light hair spray to finish off.



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It is an okay tip but I would like to know more about the time to hold each section of hair.


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