Using A Vent Hair Brush

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What is a vent brush and what is the proper way to use one?

Using A Vent Hair Brush

There are many tools one can use to get the perfect hairstyle. A vent hair brush is a brush that has multiple open slots or vents where the bristles are held, which allows air from a blow drier to pass through the brush to your hair. These openings help speed up the drying process when the air passes through the brush and onto your hair while you style it.

To properly use a vent hair brush, capture a section of hair into the bristles that is no wider than the paddle of the brush. Place the nozzle of the blow drier one to two inches from this section of hair and allow the air to pass through the hair and the brush as it dries this section. You can also slowly glide the brush through a section of long hair while following it with the drier's nozzle. This helps straighten and smooth the section while you dry it.

For extra help in smoothing your locks use a metal based vent hair brush. The metal head of the brush will heat up slightly from the warm blow drier's air and act as a gentle flat iron to help smooth and straighten the hair.



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