The Headband: The Great Celebrity Hair Accessory

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I love hair accessories. What's a hot hair accessory that Celebrities are wearing?

The Headband: The Great Celebrity Hair Accessory

Looking for a hot celebrity hair accessory for your hairstyle? Try going the route of Paris Hilton or Anne Hathaway and use a sleek headband.

Paris Hilton's hairstyle makes use of a headband to sleek back her chin length bob. This works great for making a casual hairstyle more elegant or fixing a bad hair day when your tresses just won't behave. The key is to keep the headband low key. Try using a thin to medium thickness back, velvet headband for a glamorous event or a barely there headband that blends with your hair color for a casual affair.

Anne Hathaway's hairstyle at the Golden Globes is a perfect example of using a headband to perfect a hairstyle. Anne Hathaway's hairstyle was swept back into a Grecian updo with a headband used to keep her heavy bangs up and off her face. Anytime you're looking for a sleek and sophisticated look try using this favorite celebrity hair accessory. A headband looks great and works perfectly to keep any shorter layers around your face at bay.



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