A Hairstyle For Fine Hair

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I have very fine hair. What's a good, easy to style hairstyle for this type of hair?

A Hairstyle For Fine Hair

Fine hair can seem like a burden, but with the right cut, products and styling know-how you can have a great, low maintenance hairstyle for fine hair.

Using actress Kristen Bell as an example, Kristen Bell's hairstyle is cut in a layered bob that just skims her shoulders. Layers are kept longer in the back and are more pronounced around the face to give movement.

Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to plump up your strands. When getting ready to style you hair, use a volumizing mousse, which will give hold and lift to any hairstyle for fine hair. Part hair on the side and, if possible, go in the opposite direction of your natural part for added volume on this hairstyle for fine hair. Blow dry with a large round brush, making sure to lift your hair at the roots for more body. Once your hair is dry use a small flat iron to give a slight flip to the layers of your hair like Kristen Bell's hairstyle and finish off with a light hold hairspray or shine spray.



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