Sexy Black Hairstyles

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I am African American and I straighten my hair. I hate my natural curl but I’m also sick of having my hair straight and flat all the time. Is there a way I can have some curl but without the frizz?

Sexy Black Hairstyles

If you're an African American who straightens your hair you may find you're growing tired of those flat tresses. Yet, with just a little styling know-how you can have big sexy hair just like those black celebrity hairstyles such as Beyonce's.

The trick to perfect waves in those black hairstyles is healthy looking hair. If you're hair is dry from straightening it wash with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to start. Add an anti-frizz styling cream. Blow dry your hair straight on a low setting with a large round brush. Pay extra attention to the roots when styling, lifting the roots with the brush and pointing the blow dryer underneath the section of hair to add volume and lift. Since teasing black hairstyles causes frizz this is the best way to get big hair without the frizzy mess.

Once your hair is completely dry use a large barreled curling iron to add big waves to your hair. Start by dividing the hair into a top and bottom section. Pin the top section up and work on the bottom first. Wrap section of hair around the large curling iron leaving the last two inches out to avoid hair that's too “poufy” on top. Repeat this process with the top section. Coat your fingers with a styling wax and finger comb your waves into place. Set the volume of your hair by flipping your head upside down and spraying your roots with a light to medium hold hair spray. Flip your head upright again. You'll now have big sexy curls like you see in black celebrity hairstyles. Since black hairstyles can loose their shine from dryness add a light misting of a spray shine product to bring back your hair's luster.



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