Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson's Hairstyles: Perfecting Casually Chic Style

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I love the loose curls in Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson’s hair. Do you have any tips for styling my hair like theirs?

Mary-Kate And Ashley Olson's Hairstyles: Perfecting Casually Chic Style

There's no arguing that Mary Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyles are the picture of tousled perfection. Be warned though, just because the twin's hairstyles look like they take no effort to create doesn't mean you can crawl out of bed and have that hairstyle. You'll need the right products and styling tricks to get those messy locks just right.

Start off with clean damp hair and apply a styling lotion or curl enhancing product to your hair. For those with naturally wavy hair attach a diffuser to your blow dryer and turn it on a low setting. Place the diffuser at the ends of your hair and point it upwards while you scrunch your hair into messy waves with your hands. Once your hair is dry use a small amount of hair wax or pomade to separate your waves into the casually piece-y Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson hairstyle.

Those with straight hair can fake those tousled waves by drying your hair in the same manner and then curling one inch sections of your hair with a large barreled curling iron. Don't worry about getting every strand—this hairstyle is meant to be casual and not perfect. Finish off this version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyle with a hair wax to separate the curls by finger combing your hair.

For an elegant evening version of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson's hairstyles take this same style and gently pull the sides back in a loose, low lying half-up hairstyle. Use a vintage style hair clip and pull out a few tendrils around your face.



7/8/2007 4:08:32 PM
Tori said:

I love this hairstyle!!! This is one of the easiest hair styles to do with my hair.


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