Using A Hairstyle Gallery To Choose The Perfect New Color

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I’m looking to change my hair color. I’m thinking of looking both in magazines and on the internet for ideas. Is one better than the other?

Using A Hairstyle Gallery To Choose The Perfect New Color

There's a common rule among women: no matter what hair color Mother Nature gave us, at some point we want to change it. When the urge to dye gets a hold of you and you're looking for a fabulous new hair color, try viewing pictures from a hairstyle gallery. These galleries can be found in hairstyle magazines or on the Internet and both have their pros and cons when using them.

The celebrity hair photos in magazines usually give you an accurate representation of the person's hair color as the pictures are crisp and fairly true in their colors. You can browse through the pages and dog ear or cut out colors that grab your attention and easily take them to your next hair appointment. Your stylist can then make suggestions on whether or not the color will work with your skin tones. Look for current magazines with hairstyle gallery sections on the newest hair colors for the season as they are likely to showcase what's most popular now. The downside to buying magazines is you may have to buy a few before you find the right color.

Viewing a hairstyle gallery on the Internet will give you much more variety as there are literally hundreds to choose from. You can browse at your leisure and bookmark websites that have what you're looking for. The downside to using the Internet can come when you're ready to print out your celebrity hair photos. Photos printed on plain paper don't usually give a true representation of color. Instead try using photo paper to print your pictures on and you should get a much closer match. If your stylist is up on her hair color trends (which she should be), she will be able to take even a less than great picture and work with you to find a perfect new color.



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