Choosing Good Hairstyle Photos

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I’m getting a totally new hairstyle soon and a friend suggested I take pictures of hairstyles I like with me to the salon. Is this a good idea and what type of pictures should I take?

Choosing Good Hairstyle Photos

When we're looking to change our hairstyle many of us walk into the salon, hairstyle photos in hand, and ask our stylist to recreate what's in the pictures. While this is a fabulous idea in theory, there are some rules as to what constitutes a good hairstyle photo.

Whenever possible, choose hairstyle photos that show the hair close up. While your stylist might be able to recognize a cut from a small, far away photo of a celebrity, you greatly increase your chances of getting the cut you want if the photo you bring in clearly displays the hair cut in question.

Discuss any changes you want to the hairstyle immediately. While you may have lucked out and found the exact replica of the cut you want in a hairstyle photo, many times the picture acts as a general guideline with you implementing some changes. You'll need to speak up right at the beginning if you want your bangs longer or the sides shorter. Explain exactly what you like about the hairstyle photos you've brought in and what you want changed. Your stylist will work with you to make sure the cut is still balanced and flattering.

Discuss the back of the hairstyle. Most hairstyle photos don't show the back of the hair. If you have specific likes or dislikes regarding the back of your hair discuss them now. Most stylists will create the back of the cut to blend with the rest, but their version of perfect might not be yours. If you like your back left a little longer, say so immediately.

It also never hurts to bring more than one photo. While you may have your heart set on one particular style, there is a chance that it might not work with your hair. Many times people with fine hair enter a salon with a picture of big, sexy hair. Or someone with curly hair may want a style that clearly displays smooth hair. While it never hurts to ask if a particular style will work with your hair, you should have some back up hairstyle photos that more closely resemble your own hair just in case your dream ‘do is a no-go.



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