Find Your Perfect Curls With Wavy Hairstyle Pictures

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I have wavy hair and I’m looking for a new style. I’ve been searching through pictures of wavy hair but I’m confused as to what types of wavy styles will work with my hair. Do you have any tips for finding waves that will work for my fine hair?

Find Your Perfect Curls With Wavy Hairstyle Pictures

The incoming tides aren't the only popular waves this summer. People are sporting loose, sexy waves wherever we look. The beauty of these waves is that they aren't: a "one size of curl fits all" style. Search hairstyle pictures to find curls that closely match your own and get ideas on styles for your own hair.

For those with very little wave to their hair, try a layered shag such as those that Hilary Duff or Jewel wear. The layers play up your waves and give your hairstyle lots of movement. To boost the little bit of curl that you have, use curl-enhancing styling products and your hands to scrunch waves into place. You can also enhance weak waves with Velcro rollers or large barreled curling irons.

Those with strong waves in their hair should look for hairstyle pictures that show off and work with your hair type. Jennifer Hudson and Jessica Biel regularly wear their hair down in big, sexy waves. To get inspiration from the right hairstyle pictures, take your hair's texture into consideration. Jessica Biel's hair is fine in texture and will produce those perfectly tousled waves when styled right. On the other hand, Jennifer Hudson's African American waves fall in a spiral pattern and will be prone to frizz if styled incorrectly. Get to know your own wavy hair type and look for pictures that resemble what you've got. Then hunt down the right styling products and tools for the job and create your own wavy version.



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