Celebrity Inspired Prom Hair Styles

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Can you give me some celebrity inspired updos that are easy to create myself?

Celebrity Inspired Prom Hair Styles

Wondering what prom hairstyles are hot this season? A surefire way to find out is to see how the celebrities are wearing their hair on the red carpet. Celebrity updos tend to have an air of sophistication that beats out your typical prom hair styles of old. To get inspired for your own prom hair style, flip through magazines and watch awards shows where celebrities are dressed to the nines.

If you're looking for sultry prom hairstyles, take a cue from Jessica Alba. This celebrity hairstyle involves no pins, but instead relies on sexy waves reminiscent of the 1920s. To create your own version of this style, apply a styling lotion to damp hair and blow dry straight with a large round brush. Next, create a severe side part. Take one and a half inch sections and wrap them around a large barreled curling iron to approximately eye level. Don't curl the top of the head as you want this to remain smooth and sleek.

Continue doing this until all your hair is in large curls. The key to prom hair styles is the finishing. You'll want to coat your fingers with a very light hair wax and carefully separate the curls into large flowing waves. Set with a light hold hairspray.

Another quick prom hair style that you can do yourself is to apply a styling lotion to long layered hair and set it in small Velcro rollers. Let the hair dry and carefully remove the rollers. Create a side part and separate the curls with your fingers. Let the front and sides hang in loose ringlets. Pin the back up with bobby pins to create a soft pile of curls at the back of your head. Use a styling wax to smooth and define the front curls and mist with a light hold hairspray. This type of celebrity updo was worn by Jennifer Lopez and works with both straight and curly hair.



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