Instant Long Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

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I have chin length hair but I love all the long hairstyles I see. I’m thinking about getting hair extensions but I’m worried about getting them put in and the cost. Any suggestions?

Instant Long Hairstyles Using Hair Extensions

With so many fabulous hairstyles of all lengths, many women may feel like they're missing the boat by sticking with one length. Thanks to the new breed of natural looking and affordable hair extensions, long hairstyles can be instantly achieved with just a few well-placed pieces. The versatility of these hair extensions lets you add a little length or a whole lot by simply clipping in the pieces to your existing hair. There's no commitment or time in a salon so you can change your look from one day to the next instantly.

Those with chin-length hair or longer can add these pieces to create layered bobs, shoulder length waves or a mane of straight thick hair. The pieces are clipped underneath your existing hair and depending on the length of hair extensions you choose, you can use them to add volume or create long hairstyles by using pieces several inches longer than your natural hair.

When choosing hair extensions to create your long hairstyles, try splurging on actual human hair extensions. They are of better quality, look more natural and style just like you grew the hair yourself. You'll have to treat them like real hair and wash them with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, as well as protect the pieces against styling damage. If you can't afford the real thing, try a high-quality synthetic version. Today's synthetic hair extensions have come a long way and will still give you great looking long hairstyles.



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