Learning To Cope With Your New Hairstyles

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I got a new haircut two weeks ago and I’m so disappointed. I thought I’d be able to make it look like the stylist did but it always ends up a frizzy mess. Do you have any suggestions on picking a better style that I can manage?

Learning To Cope With Your New Hairstyles

New hairstyles can be exhilarating when you walk out of the salon, but that excitement can turn to dread the first time you have to recreate the style at home. Learn to love your new hairstyle right from the beginning with these helpful tips.

Choose wisely. One of the most important steps in creating a great new hairstyle relationship is to choose a new hairstyle that will work for you. Take your hair texture and type into consideration when deciding on a new style. Those with curly hair should stick to styles that play up and work with your curls. Those with straight hair should stick to sleeker styles unless they want to spend a lot of time with a curling iron. If you have fine hair, stay away from hairstyles that are good for a thick mane of luscious hair as you'll only end up cursing your limp attempt at recreating it.

Take you style savvy and time into consideration. OK, so you've found the perfect hairstyle and it'll work with your hair — providing you mousse it, dry it, set it, tease it and play with it some more. If you've got time on your hands in the morning, great! But, if your morning routine allows for a maximum of 10 minutes for hairstyling, you're new ‘do is going to resemble a ponytail most mornings. Be realistic with the new hairstyles you covet. Ask your stylist how long it will take to recreate this style in the morning and steer clear of styles that are beyond your capabilities.

One of the best ways to learn how to style new hairstyles is to watch a pro in action. Once your hair has been cut, pay careful attention to how your stylist blow dries and styles your hair. What products does she use? Does she use a round brush or a vent brush? Don't be afraid to ask questions and don't leave the salon without knowing what products and tools you'll need at home.



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