Copy Alicia Keys' Classic Braids

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What is a good look that will last a while?

Copy Alicia Keys' Classic Braids

If you like the low maintenance look of Alicia Keys' classic cornrows, this is a look that you can get with relative ease. Cornrows are very difficult to do on yourself, so visit your cosmetologist or natural hair stylist and ask for this look. If you are skilled at braiding, perhaps you can trade off with a friend and the two of you can sport the Keys style.

Cornrows are not restricted to those of a darker complexion either. Remember that Bo Derek wore this sexy look in the 1979 hit, 10.

There are three great things about cornrows. One, they keep your hair out of your face and last for weeks. Two, you are not restricted as to the patterns you can make. Do them like Miss Keys, work them straight back from the face or make complex designs with them. Variety adds interest and beauty. Three, if your hair is not as long as you would like, cornrows take well to added hair in the form of extensions. Just take a tip and make sure the hair matches your own. Cornrows show off changes rather than hide them. There is nothing that screams "fake" like the color change from your dark natural hair to light extensions.

Note: This is a look that really shows off your pretty face. Don't try this look in the middle of a break out or other complexion crisis.



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