Rihanna's Sexy Angled Bob

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How can I get Rihanna's cute new look?

Rihanna's Sexy Angled Bob

Rihanna really updated her style recently with a sexy asymmetrical bob; with the hair cut shorter in the back and brought to longer points on either side of her face. In Rihanna's case her hair has been cut to different lengths on the right and left side. You can have it cut this way, or make it even on both sides.

To get this look, most black hair will require a chemical relaxer. Unless you are experienced with relaxers, it is best to leave this process to a professional, as relaxers are caustic and can cause your scalp to burn and if left on too long, your hair to basically melt.

After the hair has been successfully "relaxed," your cosmetologist will probably run a hot iron through the hair to make it even straighter. Then she will cut the hair while it is dry to ensure she gets the best possible cut. Once the cut is finished, a laminate adds shine.

To maintain this look at home, you will want to keep your hair in top shape. Use shampoos and conditioners made especially for black hair. (Also, see your cosmetologist for deep conditioning treatments as well.) At home, the right products, such as a styling pomade with essential fatty acids will help coax your hair into the straight style. Even then it is unlikely you will find the result to be what you like without using a flat iron. To avoid damage, set the iron to the lowest setting that works on your hair. Keep the flat iron moving. Holding it in one place will only damage the hair.

After your style is set, run a little laminate, like John Frieda's Frizz Ease hair serum, through the hair. It will add shine and keep those frizzy ends from getting out of control. Keep in mind too much laminate can make your hair look greasy. Never use more than the recommended amount the first time. You can always add a little more, but once it is on there, you can't get it out without washing.



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