Beyonce's Sexy Tousled Waves

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How can I get long sexy waves like Beyonce'?

Beyonce's Sexy Tousled Waves

The first thing to remember about Beyonce's hair is that she can afford the very best extensions money can buy, and an arsenal of professionals to take care of it. Not to say that every single strand of hair on Ms. Knowles head is not her own; only she and her hairdresser (OK, and Jay-Z) know for sure.

But, if you want to get long sexy waves like Beyonce wore to the special screening of Proof to benefit The Film Foundation, you will probably want to visit your cosmetologist for some help in the form of added length.

To get this look, first make sure your hair is as straight as possible. Use a good quality flat iron on the lowest setting that is effective for your hair. Next, you will need to tease your hair just a little at the crown, a couple of inches to either side of your part. Then smooth hair over with a comb and flat iron. This will give gorgeous height to the style. If you have braid and sew-in style extensions, you may find the braids add the height automatically, and no teasing is needed. After that, use a large barrel (1 1/2 to 2 inch) curling iron to add soft waves that run about three quarters of the way up the hair length. Don't forget though to run the iron all the way to the roots when working around your face. Next, take a little piecing cream and work it into your hands. Grab a small section of hair in the front and work the cream gently through, then guide it so it sweeps beautifully across your brow. Finally, add some shine enhancing spray to keep it all in place and you are ready for your close up!



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