Get Brad Pitt's Sexy Style

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How can I get a look like Brad Pitt's?

Get Brad Pitt's Sexy Style

If there is one thing Brad Pitt has - besides acting chops, millions of adoring fans and Angelina Jolie of course - it's style. And no man ever caused so much hullabaloo over his hair as Mr. Pitt did when he chopped off his gorgeous locks before filming the thriller 13 Monkeys.

Since then it's been long and short, blond and brown, spiked and straight. The thing to remember about Brad is that his hair is more a reflection of the character he is currently playing than it is of himself. So when you want to channel Mr. Pitt through your hairstyle, think of which character you relate to best. Are you feeling a little naughty? You might want to go with a short, all over clipper cut like Brad wore to play Rusty Ryan in the Ocean's Eleven franchise. Want to look like a real tough guy? Try growing it out a little longer on top and get some spiking gel to mimic Brad's Fight Club look. Or, do you feel solitary, like a lonely soul just watching the world change? Then do nothing, because it will take two to three years to grow out your locks like Brad in Interview with the Vampire. But hey, that will give you plenty of time to have your custom fangs crafted.

What if you just want an easy Pitt-like look? Well, take a look at Brad between films. He's either got his hair cut very short, as in out of his face and needing no special attention; or it's in some state of growing out from his last film, as though he just hasn't thought about it. So basically, Brad is a typical guy when it comes to his hair.

Remember, though his early career made good use of his thick straight tresses, Brad is way more than his hair. If you want to get a bit of that Brad Pitt swagger, it doesn't take perfect hair or an A-list actress on your arm; it just takes confidence, and doing a little bit to help end world poverty wouldn't hurt either.



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