Reaching for the Razor

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When should I give up and shave my head?

Reaching for the Razor

Today's male celebrities are starting to realize something we ladies have known for ages--there is nothing sexy about the comb-over. So gentlemen, when the bald spot in the back gets to be too much or the receding hairline looks like it's heading for your collar, maybe it's time to visit the barber for a little tough love. A-listers like Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan have been sporting this look for years, so why not give it a shot?

For your first time it is probably best to see the barber. He will cut your hair as close to the head as possible with clippers before taking to your dome with a straight razor, which will give you the closest shave possible. While you are there, ask your barber for tips on how to keep your scalp healthy. White men will need to get some non-comedogenic sunscreen to protect their heads, while black men will need to talk to their barbers about how to avoid razor bumps.

At home you can maintain the look between professional shaves with a high quality triple blade razor. As with your face, it is easiest to use a blade on hair that is warm and wet, so the best time to shave is probably immediately after a hot shower. Remember to keep some after shave or low percentage (50%) rubbing alcohol around to put on your head immediately after shaving; it stings a little, but keeps bacteria from causing you problems.



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