Growing Out Curly Hair

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What is the best way to grow out curly hair?

Growing Out Curly Hair

When Keri Russel cut off her long naturally curly locks at the height of her series's success, she single handedly doomed the once wildly popular "Felicity." How was Keri to know her fans were more attached to her hair than they were to her character? But, at the same time, how could we not fall in love with her masses and masses of light brown waves?

If you've been keeping your naturally curly hair short and would now like to grow it out, keep these tips in mind.

1) Have patience --your hair will take longer to show growth than straight hair. But as Keri proves in her latest project Waitress , the final result will be worth the wait.

2) Take care of your hair . This is a good tip for while you are growing out and beyond. For the best results, use a gentle line that is designed to work with curly hair from shampoo to finished style. Air dry your hair whenever possible and try to restrict the use of heat and damaging elastics.

3) Get to the salon . Even though you are growing your hair out, you should get to the salon every six to eight weeks for a trim. The little bit your stylist must cut off to get rid of split ends will pay off in a more polished look and reduced frizz.

4) Make friends with accessories . It's easier to get through the awkward growing out phase with curly hair if you learn to make good use of barrettes, combs and non-damaging elastics. If you leave your hair down too much while growing it out, you may be tempted to use too many damaging products on it. If you use accessories to control and dress up your hair while it is growing out it will continue to look pretty while slowly gaining length.



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