Braids and Curls

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I have very short hair, how can I get curls?

Braids and Curls

When you want to wear curls but your hair is too short, consider trying a style like Heather Headley's. Her pretty curls spring from tiny braids all over her head. If your hair is too short for curls, braids like this are the perfect way to add extensions that move into great curls. Follow these steps, and you'll have perfect curls overnight.

For the best results, get human hair extensions that are already permed and match your own hair color-wise. Then enlist the assistance of your cosmetologist or natural hair stylist to braid the extensions into your hair. Often two or more stylists will work at once to put a style like this together. Braid the extensions two or more inches into your own hair, ensuring they have a good grip on one another. Try to make this a fairly even length all over. Then take each of the spirals that come off the braids and put a little molding wax on them to hold the perfect curl. Use very little, you can always add more product if you need to. Once the braided curls are in place, you can take a hot curling iron and touch up the curls wherever it is needed.



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