Turn Wavy Hair Into Polished Curls

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My wavy hair is frizzy, how can I get controlled curls without tons of mousse or gel?

Turn Wavy Hair Into Polished Curls

When she's not filming, Scarlett Johansson often wears her naturally wavy hair in soft curls. Wavy hair is often frizzy when left on its own. These tips will help you get Scarlet-like soft and polished curls.

1) Wash and either let your hair air dry or blow dry it on a low heat setting.

2) Set hair all over in medium size hot rollers. Don't put more hair on a roller than it can handle. The rule of thumb is to place the roller against your head and section off a piece of hair in the size of the roller. If you have very thick hair, this may take more than one set of rollers.

3) Let the rollers cool completely before removing them. If you remove them while they are still hot, the curls may not set properly.

4) Once rollers are out, do not use any more combs or brushes; use your hands only. Put a little laminate in the palm of your hand (about the size of a pea) and rub your hands together. Then work the laminate gently through your curls. This will add shine and eliminate any remaining frizz.

Now you can wear your new soft curls down, add accessories or pin it up and let then fall in tendrils. The curls should last all day, and the soft shine will last for two to three days while the curls soften into gentle waves.



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