Alyssa Milano's Easy Spirals

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How can I get an easy curly look?

Alyssa Milano's Easy Spirals

When she's in the public eye, Alyssa Milano is usually dressed "to the nines" with her hair done up for a special occasion. But when Alyssa is just being Alyssa, you are likely to find she's got her hair down in the easy spirals that come naturally to her long, lightly curly brown hair.

If your hair has a gentle curl to it too, you can get Alyssa-like spirals by following these easy steps.

Use products designed to make the most of curly hair from shampoo to finished style. Lines like L'Oreal's Studio Line have products to help you make the most of your look every step of the way.

Shampoo and condition, then comb the hair with a wide tooth comb. Then while hair is still wet, apply mousse or spray gel throughout, finger combing the product through. Next, either allow hair to air dry (best) or blow dry on a cool setting. When your hair is almost dry, run a laminate like Spray Shine over it, gently finger combing it through as well. Your hair should now dry the rest of the way in soft spirals that fall down your back. Once hair is completely dry you may then use a curling iron on your bangs (if you need it) or some shine enhancing spray to keep your hair in place.

To maintain your look, make sure you see your cosmetologist every six to eight weeks for regular trims that will keep your style intact and eliminate those annoying split ends.



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