Beyonce's Premier Afro

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How can I get nice curls into my afro?

Beyonce's Premier Afro

Beyonce Knowles usually wears her hair straight or in large loose curls, but she took on a whole different persona to play Foxy Cleopatra in the hit Goldmember. For the Goldmember premier, she wore a toned down version of her movie look, with a beautiful blond afro full of gorgeous curls that make her look just like a living doll.

If your hair has a curl pattern that is too tight to form pretty predictable curls, talk to your cosmetologist about a "reverse perm." This is a relaxing treatment that uses an ammonium thioglycolate perm solution to do the work. Your hair will be rolled on traditional perm rods and the solution will change your super tight curls into loose spirals. It is called a reverse perm because instead of making straight hair curly, it makes your extremely curly hair less so, without taking it all the way to straight, like a relaxer treatment would. If you like Beyonce's blond Goldmember look, have your hair colored after the reverse perm; ammonium thioglycolate will lighten your hair slightly, and doing the perm-color processes in the opposite order may give you a color that is too light to suit you.

An afro like Beyonce's is not the easiest hairstyle to maintain. To take care of it you will need to use products designed to take care of your special kind of curls. StaSofFro products come highly recommended. To keep your afro looking nice, maintain your cut with regular trims that cut away the frizziest split ends and keep your hair looking nice. Taking this simple step in conjunction with deep conditioning treatments will do wonders for ensuring your afro always looks like it is in top shape.



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