Ashlee Simpson's Blond and Beautiful Hair

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What is the best way to color and lengthen my hair?

Ashlee Simpson's Blond and Beautiful Hair

Ashlee Simpson's long blond hair is the envy of many. The long flowing tresses that hang over her shoulders and down her back are truly a sight to behold. But, the color is almost definitely chemically enhanced and the length is probably the result of extensions, courtesy of the line her stylist Ken Paves and big sister Jessica endorse, Hair-U-Wear.

Now that you're feeling better about not yet growing Lady Godiva like locks, let's take a look at how you too can get an Ashlee Simpson type of look.

The quickest ways to gorgeous, long blond hair are indeed extensions and a good colorist. With any luck, your cosmetologist will be skilled in both, which will make it much easier for you. Tell your cosmetologist exactly the look you are going for. Don't be shy. It will be easier for her to give you what you want if you are clear from the start as to what you are looking for.

Once you have the length and color in place, copying Ashlee's look becomes a matter of style. Do you like Ashlee's stick straight hair? Try running your hair through a high quality flat iron like a Sedu. Section off the hair, and start at the base of your skull. Don't try to get more hair into the flat iron than it can easily handle. It will just cause you to have to go back and do it over. It will be faster and easier on your hair to use reasonable sections and only have to go through the hair once. If you prefer long soft waves, set hair on large hot rollers or curl all over with a large barrel curling iron. Once again, section hair off and only curl as much as the rollers or iron can handle. When your style is almost ready, add a little shine and control frizz with a product like L'Oreal Studio Line's Shine Spray. To keep your style and color fresh, make regular appointments with your cosmetologist so she can touch up your roots and trim off those split ends.



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