Shakira's Long Wild Waves

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How can I take advantage of my long curly hair?

Shakira's Long Wild Waves

Columbian born singer Shakira takes full advantage of her naturally curly hair, by making it a part of her signature look. She proves you don't always have to spend tons of time trying to straighten and otherwise tame your curly hair. While she does on occasion wear it up for very formal occasions, it is always down when she is performing. By leaving her hair long and wild, she incorporates it into her personality, and her hair is one of the things that makes Shakira, Shakira.

To take advantage of your long curly or very wavy hair like Shakira, you simply need to take some steps to take care of your mane. Shampoo with a shampoo made for curly hair, or one made to pamper dry hair, as naturally curly hair is often naturally dry as well. Use a leave-in treatment like Infusium 23 on freshly washed and conditioned hair. While nothing will repair truly damaged hair, products like Infusium fill in damaged "gaps" on the hair strand, making it appear stronger and less frizzy. Next, use a generous amount of mousse designed to handle this kind of hair. John Frieda's Frizz Ease mousse comes highly recommended. Coat all your hair with the mousse and let it air dry. Once your hair is dry, use a little laminate or shine enhancing hair spray throughout, to enhance shine and control frizz.

Also, don't forget that though you are taking advantage of your long naturally curly hair, you will still need to visit your stylist regularly. She should give you deep conditioning treatments and trim off the split ends that can ruin any look.



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