Stuck in the Middle: Growing Out Short Hair

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What can I do to make growing out my hair easier?

Stuck in the Middle: Growing Out Short Hair

When you are growing out your hair from a short cut, you always go through that awful it's not long, but it's not short phase. To survive this phase without wanting to give up and cut it or worse--grab it in big handfuls and rip it out by the roots, try these simple tips:

Remember your hair type: Short or long, your hair grows the same. Purchase products designed for your hair type, but . . .

Keep it conditioned: The one exception to the above rule is the fact that as hair gets longer the ends have been subjected to more damage. As hair grows out its nature will not change (straight, curly, oily, dry) but its texture may due to damage over time. Keep your hair in good shape by using deep conditioners whenever needed and a crème rinse every time you shampoo.

Make friends with accessories: One of the worst things about growing out short hair is the point in the middle where it is too long to stay out of your face but too short to do much else with. Barrettes and combs may be the answer to your problem and they are less damaging than overdoing it trying to tame hair with too much heat or too many products.

Get a good flat iron: Hair that is growing out tends to look better straight. It shows new length faster which keeps you from getting frustrated. Get a high quality flat iron, like a Sedu, and use it anytime you want to leave your hair down.

See Your Stylist: When growing your hair out the tendency is to want to salvage every bit of length by never cutting it at all. But, regular trips to the cosmetologist will actually help you in your quest. You not only want long hair, you want long healthy hair. Regular trips to the salon will help you eliminate those split ends that cause hair to look frizzy. In addition, hair does not grow evenly all over your head. It may grow considerably faster in one area than in another. Regular trims will help you maintain some sense of style in between.



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