Susan Lucci's Layered Curls

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How can I style layered hair?

Susan Lucci's Layered Curls

Susan Lucci has been a style icon for decades. With her Emmy winning (finally!) role as Erica Kane on All My Children, she has brought a sassy lady with classy curls to our televisions since 1970. One great thing about Susan's look is that it is fairly timeless. This means she hasn't dated herself by holding on to a 70s "Farrah" or a 90s "Rachel." Indeed, Susan's medium length layers look just as great today as they did when Erica Kane was just about to hatch her first naughty plan.

To get a look like Susan's, you'll need to ask your cosmetologist to cut some all over layers and bangs into medium length hair. While hair is still damp, add some root lift or volumizing gel to the root area and blow dry upside down to give hair volume. Once your hair is completely dry, use a medium barrel curling iron to curl hair all over. Work the iron forward so the hair to either side curls in and frames your face. Use the iron to smooth your bangs over your forehead as well. If your curls don't take exactly right, a small amount of hairspray, sprayed directly on the hair before wrapping it in the iron will force the curls to hold. Next, you will need to tease just slightly all around the crown to give added volume to the style. Then smooth the top section of hair over with a comb. Keep the curling iron handy in case the teasing ruins any of your curls. When you are finished with the curling iron and teasing, take the long end of a rat-tail comb and pick gently through the curls, setting each in place. Finally, a light spritzing with some shine enhancing hairspray will add sheen and keep the style in place.

Remember, this look is just a little bit high maintenance. It takes a little extra effort to style and requires regular trips to the salon to keep it trimmed. But the effect is worth it, and if Erica Kane can't be just a little high maintenance, who can?



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