Jennifer Garner's Soft and Pretty Haircut

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What hairstyle matches a bubbly personality?

Jennifer Garner's Soft and Pretty Haircut

If there has been one hairstyle that perfectly fits Jennifer Garner's fun and bubbly personality, it's the one she wore for her role as Jenna Rink in the 2007 movie, 13 Going on 30. This look is full of body and bounce, yet looks soft and youthful, with bangs that frame her ever smiling face.

To get a great look like Jennifer's you will need straight or wavy hair with medium to full thickness. Have your stylist give you a shoulder length cut, with some fairly thick bangs and light layering done with a razor at the ends.

To style, shampoo and condition, then run some volumizing mousse through your hair and blow dry upside down. Once your hair is completely dry, put just a few drops (about pea size) of frizz reducing/shine enhancing serum in your palms and work it through your hair. Next, roll large sections of your hair on large hot rollers. You should only need about eight rollers to do your whole head. After you put the last roller in, run your bangs through a narrow plated flat iron, using your wrist to give them a soft "underflip." Next take the rollers down, starting with the first one you put in. It is alright if the rollers are not completely cool. Using large sections of hair and not allowing the rollers to cool completely will give your hair just a hint of soft wave like Ms. Garner's. Finally, take a pic and pick through your hair, parting it far to one side for top volume. You shouldn't need teasing or hairspray, and if you can avoid them this style should last you two to three days.



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