When it Comes to Celebrity Hairstyles, Keep it Real

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Should I use a celebrity photo to choose my hairstyle?

When it Comes to Celebrity Hairstyles, Keep it Real

So you've found the ultimate, perfect hairstyle for you. The only trouble is . . . it's still on Mandy Moore's head. Not to worry--if you can get a picture, you can probably get that style. The great thing about celebrity hairstyles is that as long as there are paparazzi, there will be plenty of photos to help your cosmetologist understand what you want.

When using celebrity photos though, try to be realistic. Mandy Moore for example is in her early twenties, fit and wealthy (enough to have hairstylists re-do her do every ten minutes). If you on the other hand are in your late forties, not so fit or so wealthy, then that high maintanance hairstyle may not work for you. Mandy not only has a facial structure that, at her age and weight, makes nearly any hairstyle workable, she also has an army of stylists that ensure she never has to do her own hair if she doesn't want to.

So if the style you are looking at is complex, and you have no time or no talent for hair (not to mention shoulders that cry foul any time you reach for anything higher than your head), you may want to rethink a style that requires hours of messing with magnetic rollers. Take your time and consider your look and lifestyle before settling on a specific celebrity style.

In any case, if you look, you are certain to find a celebrity inspired hairstyle that really is perfect for you.



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