Finding Celebrity Hairstyles Online

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How can I find celebrity hairstyle photos online?

Finding Celebrity Hairstyles Online

So, where should you look for celebrity hairstyle photos? The internet is a great place to start.

If you know whose hair you want, you could try that celebrity's home page. You may have luck there, especially if the hairstyle you are looking for is one that the celebrity wore to a recent event. Celebrity home pages however are dedicated to making money, so you will probably find more information on that person's most recent or upcoming projects than on where they have been and what hairstyle they have been wearing. Also keep in mind that it is unlikely paparazzi photos will wind up on a celebrity's home site.

Fan sites are usually much better places to look, because fans are often far more dedicated to posting photos of their favorite celebrity. Celebrity blogs may have several photos of your chosen celebrity on any given night. If you know exactly what the celebrity was doing when you saw the style you like, you can search for their name and the event. This is likely to give you several possible image matches.

If you are not sure whose hair you ought to have, go to your browser and type "celebrity hairstyle photos" into your search engine. There you will find several online galleries that feature photos of celebrity hairstyles. Many of them allow you to do a subsearch, either by celebrity, or by the length or style of hair you are looking for. For example, once you find a site you like, many will let you look in that site for photos that are strictly of Madonna or only celebrity updos.



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