Why and How to Use Celebrity Hairstyle Photos

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Why should I use a celebrity hairstyle photo?

Why and How to Use Celebrity Hairstyle Photos

If you want to emulate a specific celebrity's hairstyle, go for it. But, keep in mind that today, with the availability of good extensions and less damaging color, walking into the salon and simply saying "Make my hair look like Christina Aguilera's" may get you in trouble. You don't want to go in looking for Christina's retro "Candy Man" style only to find out too late that the last Christina Aguliera photo your cosmetologist saw was a still from the "Moulin Rouge" video.

Fortunately for you though, photos of celebrity hairstyles are everywhere. You can find them everywhere from fan blogs to mainstream magazines. One particular resource that will probably be right at the salon is the celebrity hairstyle magazine. These are magazines dedicated to hairstyle photos so the pictures are almost entirely headshots. They generally feature lots of celebrities and some lesser known models. Often, a hairstyle magazine will have photos of a celebrity with a particular hairstyle and then have instructions on how to copy that style.

If you found your perfect celebrity hairstyle photo online, that can be even better. Try to find a site that offers more than one image of the hairstyle. Photos taken from different angles will give your stylist a more complete idea of what you are looking for.



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