Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Celebrity-Hairstyles.org

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Is there an online hairstyle gallery without a lot of advertising?

Celebrity Hairstyle Gallery Review: Celebrity-Hairstyles.org

Celebrity-Hairstyles.org is a Glam Media site. Perhaps that explains the refreshing lack of advertisement on this site. It is very clean and easy to use. The only hints of advertisement are a few sponsor links all leading to Glam Media sites.

The most popular celebrities are shown in a short list on the left hand side, followed by the standard prompts such as short, long, curly, formal and men's. Across the bottom, celebrities are listed in no particular order, which can make for a longer search. Speaking of searches, if you are looking for a search function, you can stop, there is none. Lack of a search function is a serious drawback if you are looking for a photo of a specific celebrity, especially one who is not specifically listed across the bottom. If he or she is not there, try a different site.

Once you find the celebrity you are looking for, several different photos of that person are available. You just scroll through using the links directly below their photo. There are links to several beauty articles, but no instructions on how to copy a celebrity's specific hair or makeup look.

Overall this site is to be commended for their lack of overwhelming advertisement and how easy it is to move from one celebrity photo to the next. But, the lack of search features and hair or makeup tips makes it difficult to recommend this site to anyone who really knows what they are looking for.



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