Celebrity Hairstyles Gallery Review: UK Hairdressers

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Is there a hairstyle gallery that will help me find a salon?

Celebrity Hairstyles Gallery Review: UK Hairdressers

The UK Hairdressers website is one of the best around for both celebrity hairstyles and for general hair care information. This site has a true wealth of information, but it is organized, so you don't feel overwhelmed as soon as you load the main page.

To the left of the main page there is a listing of all the available subpages. To find the celebrity hairstyles gallery you just click "style gallery" and "celebrity styles." You can then choose from the extensive drop down list looking for you favorite celebrity, or you can opt to use the length list and select from celebrities with your length of hair. Once you find the celebrity you were looking for, you can click through all the photos of that person to find just the one you like.

This site also has pages which offer general hair care advice, help you find a salon and check out what different products do for your hair. There is a ton of information available here and if you can't find the answer to your specific question you can ask one of their resident experts. You can also have a little fun. There are links to horoscope and tarot card readings, and if you'd like you can use the "celebrity revenge" tool to 'makeover' your not-so-favorite celebrity.

This site pays the bills with a simple list of Google ads which trail down the right, and a huge number of hair products which they sell from the site. But if you are looking strictly at celebrity hairstyle photos you won't have any trouble staying away from the product ordering pages.

Overall this is an excellent site that offers users plenty of celebrity photos and a lot of other valuable information to go with them.



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