Get the Most from Your Virtual Makeover Software

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Why should I register a virtual makeover program?

Get the Most from Your Virtual Makeover Software

You've made the commitment and purchased a virtual makeover program for your home computer. Now you need to make sure you are getting your money's worth. To make certain you understand all the elements of your program, you will want to read the enclosed literature carefully and try all the bells and whistles it has to offer. Have a great time with your product, but don't forget to register.

In general, registering a computer program takes very little time or commitment. You will have to give the company a little bit of personal information; at the very least you will need to give them your name and e-mail address. In exchange, the company will keep you informed of all the updates and improvements they have available for your program. There are often updates that can be downloaded directly to your computer from the company once the program has been initially purchased and installed. Sometimes these updates require a fee, but just as often they come to you free. If you have a problem or complaint about your product, registration also makes it easier for you to communicate with the company.

One great example of why you should register your products is Broderbund Software's Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover. Since its release, two separate service packs have been created and offered for this title. Owners who registered their product were notified when the packs were introduced. Those who did not register probably aren't getting all they can from their software. If you register your product, even with only an e-mail address, the company can contact you to let you know when you can capitalize on their improvements.



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