Virtual Makeover Programs for Kids

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What are some virtual makeover programs for kids?

Virtual Makeover Programs for Kids

When your little girl starts messing around in your makeup and asking for pink lip gloss and blue eyeshadow to play with, maybe it's time to start thinking about getting her a virtual makeover program. At the very least, virtual makeup has a lot less potential to wind up all over your nice new ivory carpet.

Several companies make kid and tween (think 9-12 years) friendly virtual makeover programs. There are programs like Clueless, a program where the user gets to dress up and makeover the hair and makeup on preselected characters from the movie. More interactive options like Barbie Digital Makeover, a program that allows users to choose from several familiar models (Barbie and friends) or create a model using their own photo.* And for the older set, Cosmopolitan Virtual Makeover offers pictures of live models along with the option to upload a photo of the user.

Overall, reviews of these type of products are good, with especially high scores for ease of use. Remember that a more basic program like Clueless will quickly lose its appeal with older girls, who will expect to be able to do a lot more with software like this. Conversely, don't try to set your eight year old loose on the Cosmopolitan program without your guidance, as it's more advanced format will likely frustrate younger users.

* It should be no surprise that the easiest way to load a photo into this particular program is to take the picture with the Barbie Digital Camera.



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