Free Virtual Makeovers on the Web

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What virtual makeover programs are available online for free?

Free Virtual Makeovers on the Web

Virtual makeovers are all the rage. There are several virtual makeover programs available free on the web. To find them, just type "virtual makeover" or "free virtual makeover" into the search engine on your web browser. Here are some facts on the most commonly used free virtual makeover products on the web. All programs require at the minimum, the use of Flash. Most require you to turn off your pop up blocker.

Mary Kay --Mary Kay's virtual makeover game utilizes preselected photos of models. You select the model whose look is closest to your own. PRO--it is very easy to find and use. CON--you cannot upload your own photo and as Mary Kay is a cosmetics company, you can only experiment with makeup, not hair.

Get Makeovers -- The virtual makeover program at offers you the ability to use one of their many models or upload your own photo. It is Covergirl cosmetics based. PRO--it is easy to find and the model photos are fairly numerous and easy to use. There are tons of options for your virtual model here, from hair and makeup to contacts, sunglasses and hats. CON--your own photos must be in jpeg format to work, even with a jpeg it may be difficult to load your photo correctly.

Makeover-O-Matic at iVillage -- This virtual makeover program also allows you to use a preselected model or upload your own photo. This program works with several different brands of cosmetics, which can be fun, but may cause some confusion. PRO--this is one of the most fun programs to work with. Easy to locate and use with many makeover options. The hairstyles look more natural in this program than many others. CON--most functions are off limits unless you sign up as a member. The many different product lines represented make a notepad necessary if you are planning on shopping based on your experience.

Instant Makeover at Beauty Riot--This program allows you to use a virtual model or your own photo. It also features celebrity models and celebrity color pallets you can try on your model or your photo. PRO--it is easy to find and the only program reviewed that features celebrity models or color palates. CON--you must sign up to use it, which will send you through a series of personal questions and sponsor ads. It is difficult to load your own photo and not nearly as easy to work with as some of the others. The color palates do not look natural as they apply.



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