Getting the Most from Your Free Virtual Makeover

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How can I get the best out of free virtual makeover programs?

Getting the Most from Your Free Virtual Makeover

When trying to choose a virtual makeover program online, you will want to choose a program that has several models, rather than just one representing each major ethnic group. A good program will have at least a couple dozen model faces for you to use. Even better, use a program that will allow you to upload your own photo.

If you are using the program to try on different cosmetic products, try to find the makeover program of a cosmetic company that you are comfortable shopping with. Virtual makeovers are also great ways to try new products. So if you are using a virtual makeover program to try a new line, keep a pen handy and write down the names and numbers of different products you like. Many programs will allow you to create a face you like, then print out the resulting picture and product codes. Keep in mind most programs will require you to register to use these more advanced features.

Be patient when loading your photo. Most programs require the picture to be in jpeg format, then require you to line the picture up with their presets. This may take a few tries and a little time, but the result will be worth it.

If you are using a virtual makeover program to choose a hairstyle and/or color, you may find programs offered by hair manufacturing product companies give you a more natural look when applying the hairstyles than cosmetic or other companies.

Regardless of the program you use, you will have more success if you take your time and look at it as a fun way to try a new look. Don't be disappointed if you don't get the result you were looking for the first time you try. As with everything worthwhile, practice makes perfect.



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