Don't Rely Too Heavily on Your Virtul Makeover

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How much should I trust a virtual makeover?

Don't Rely Too Heavily on Your Virtul Makeover

Virtual makeovers are great tools. Keep in mind however that the model you choose, no matter how much you may think she looks like you, is not you. If you are able to upload your own photo, so much better. But, unless you take the photo and use it in the same day, then go straight to the store to get your products, changes in your face may affect the way real products look on you. In addition, though modern computers, software and monitors are great at replicating true-to-life color, nothing replaces trying products live.

Use virtual makeovers as a tool. The best way to use a virtual makeover is to use your own photo, then make a list of the products you think look the best. When you go to the makeup counter or salon, sample the colors you like. If they work for you, try other products in the same color family. If the rose pink lipstick that looked just right on the screen is a little too much in person, try a soft mauve instead. The same applies to hair color. You may find the ash blond you chose for your virtual model to be too much of a change for you. A light ash brown may in reality work better.

If you use virtual makeover software because you prefer to just go in and grab your makeup, make sure the company you purchase from has a liberal return policy. Most higher end lines give a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Do not be hesitant to return that tangerine lip gloss if it doesn't look as nice on you as it did on your virtual twin. Even if you use a popular price line, many stores like Walgreen's offer their own guarantees. Don't let another lipstick fall to the bottom of your purse and never get used--return it if you don't like it. Just make sure you keep the receipt and return the item within the alloted time. With the combination of a great virtual makeover and products, hair colors and cuts that really work for you, your look can always be just right.



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